Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What is Maxis eKelas service?
Maxis eKelas is Maxis' supplemental online learning tools which focuses on knowledge acquisition through an adaptive, experimental, and experiential relevant, real-world scenarios. It uses a research-based five step model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate.
Q2: How do I sign up for Maxis eKelas?
Step 1: Go to and select sign up tab
Step 2: Create a parent account which will be used to:
  • subscribe for Maxis eKelas ids - each id is charged RM25 per month
  • manage Maxis eKelas ids - unsubscribe, update, resume, expiry etc.

  • Step 3: Login using the Maxis eKelas ids and Enjoy the service
    (Refer to detailed user guide at the bottom of the page)
    Q3: What is a parent account?
    A parent account creates and manages all Maxis ekelas ids. You need to be a valid Maxis account holder to create a parent account.
    Q4: What is Maxis eKelas id?
    Maxis eKelas id is used to access and enjoy the Maxis eKelas service.
    Q5: Can I get a FREE trial?
    Sure. Simply browse to and select the FREE trial tabs to enjoy the Math and Science activity objects (In Maxis eKelas there are over 400 similar activity objects for you to explore).
    Also do try out the assessment module which is both in objective and subjective format as well as the learning outcomes to fully test your understanding of the subject.
    Q6: I noticed that Maxis eKelas is in English, will there be a Bahasa Malaysia version?
    Yes. The Bahasa Malaysia version is currently being developed and will be ready by 2014.
    Q7: What subjects are covered/offered?
    Mathematics and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) for Form 1, Form 2, and Form 3
    Q8: Is the service aligned to Malaysian curriculum ?
    Yes. The content has been reviewed and supported by Ministry of Education and is currently being used in public secondary schools as a learning and teaching tool.
    Q9: Can I sign up for Maxis eKelas with anything other than a valid Maxis account?
    You can only sign up using a valid Maxis services account such as :
  • Maxis Mobile - either postpaid, prepaid;
  • Maxis Wireless broadband - postpaid, prepaid
  • Maxis Home Services - FTTH (In future including ADSL and FWBB)
    Q10: What happens if I am on Maxis prepaid services and I don?t have sufficient balance?
  • If you are registering for the first time, please ensure that you have sufficient amount in your account. Maxis eKelas ID creation will fail and will not be completed if you do not have sufficient balance.
  • If you are an existing user, renewal charges will fail and you will not be able to continue access to Maxis eKelas. You will need to top up and then login using parent account and select the resume tab under subscription details. You can then be able to resume using Maxis eKelas.
    Q11: Where is the RM25 billed to?
    RM25 will billed to the account you used to sign up and subscribe Maxis eKelas service.
    Q12: What are the packages available?
    Monthly package of RM25 for each Maxis eKelas user.
    Q13: How many Maxis eKelas packages can I subscribe for?
    You can subscribe for as many packages. Please bear in mind that you must have sufficient funds in your account to avoid service disruption.
    Q14: How can I view my subscription details ?
    Login to using the parent id and select subscription management table to manage Maxis eKelas subscription details
    Q15: If, for example, I subscribe on April 15, when is my expiry date?
    Your expiry date will be May 14. You (the parent account) will receive an SMS reminder for services renewal a few days before that.
    Q16: If, for example, I subscribe on April 15 and terminate on April 20, can I still use the Maxis eKelas service?
    Once you unsubscribe (stop) the services, you can no longer access to it. Shuold you wish to continue at a later stage, you always have an option to resume and continue to enjoy the service(refer to Q25 on how you can do this)
    Q17: If, I have problems with Maxis eKelas what number should I call?
    This will be as per normal, i.e. If you are a postpaid customer you can call 123 and if you are a prepaid customer you can call 1800 82 2000. They will assist you accordingly.
    Q18: What happens if I don?t respond to the renewal SMS?
    Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed and RM25 will be charged.
    Q19: Can I unsubscribe via SMS?
    You will need to login to and select the unsubscribe tab in subscription details to cancel the service.
    Q20: Can I use this service in school?
    Yes you can. Please note that access in school is FREE. Please send a request to and we will process your request.
    Q21: I am an existing Maxis eKelas student user at school, can I also use the same profile outside school?
    Sure you can. Login to using your parent account and when you are creating Maxis eKelas id, select the student ID as your Maxis eKelas id. You will need to provide the password and answer security questions for verification purposes.
    Q22: I am a teacher, how can I use this service ?
    If you are a public secondary school teacher and have a current teacher id in school, you can adopt the process as per Q21. If not, kindly write to for us to process your request. As a teacher you can use Maxis eKelas:
  • in your daily lesson planning
  • to create virtual classroom(s)
  • to assign homework
  • to evaluate pupils/ child performance and understanding of the subject
  • to upload your own research to further enhance the learning process
    Q23: I am teacher/pupil in a private school, can I access the service in my school for FREE?
    Its FREE for public secondary schools only. Please send a request to and we will contact you for a separate business arrangement.
    Q24: Can I access Maxis eKelas via mobile or smart devices/tablet?
    Yes you can if your device meets all the operating requirement (refer to Q26). However, as the content is rich, the experience may be best using a bigger screen such as desktop, notebook, netbook, or tablet. Maxis eKelas is best used with notebook, netbook, workstation. Hint: you may also use your device with other supporting tools such as, interactive white boards or digital writing pads.
    Q25: How does the "resume" function in Maxis eKelas work?
    The resume function in Maxis eKelas can assist to:
  • Reactivate Maxis eKelas id that was not successfully created (due to insufficient balance e.g.)
  • Reactivate and reuse Maxis eKelas id that was unsubscribed previously
    Q26: What is the minimum system requirement that my device should have ?
    1. Works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux with a web browser
    2. Officially Supported Web Browsers:
      • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (Windows)
      • Apple Safari 5.0 or later (Mac OS X)
      • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or later (All Systems);
      • Google Chrome 11 or later (All Systems)
      • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in browser
      • Browser updates are highly recommended
    3. Minimum Hardware Requirements:
      • 2 GHz 32-bit processor
      • 1 GB of system memory
      • 64 MB of graphics memory
    4. Required Application: Adobe Reader version 9.0 or later
    5. Required Plug-ins: Macromedia Flash? plug-in, version 9.0 or later
    6. Operating System
      • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
      • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
      • Service Pack and other updates are highly recommended)
    7. Internet Connection:
      • Broadband (DSL, Cable, T1+) connection highly recommended (Minimum 256k connection)
      • Caching and/or Proxy server highly recommended
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